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Using Performance Management to Improve Programs : New Directions for Evaluation , 1997


New Directions for Evaluation

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​​​​​​From the report: “A variety of initiatives undertaken by federal, state, and local elected officials during the last two decades have required that public managers provide evidence that their programs work. Program managers around the world, from Sydney, Australia to Sunnyvale, California, have been asked to document the results of their work. Although program effectiveness has been questioned before, current demands have been more focused, requesting both specific performance measures and targets. Funders in the nonprofit world have similarly become more insistent and focused in their requests for documentation of results. An unprecedented challenge to the evaluation profession has arisen out of this severe imbalance between demand for and supply of performance data.”

Authors - Newcomer, Kathryn


Newcomer, Kathryn


New Directions for Evaluation


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