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Building a DOD Data Economy , January 23, , 2024

January 23, 2024

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From the report: "The Defense Innovation Board (DIB) was tasked to deliver a study that provides outcomes-driven recommendations on how to build and scale the Pentagon’s data economy.1 According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review, a data economy comprises “the global digital ecosystem in which the producers and consumers of data …can glean richer business insights, tap into unexplored markets, serve citizens and consumers alike with data-driven products and services, and monetize their data by sharing it externally with key customers and suppliers.”2 A thriving Department of Defense (DoD) data economy is an essential toolset for a more networked future and current force. Properly constructed, this data economy will transform the defense landscape and ensure U.S. national security in the 21st century."

Authors - Defense Innovation Board


Defense Innovation Board


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