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Compiling Advantage: Unlocking the Competitive Power of Software Adaptability : Hudson Institute , March , 2024

March 2024

Hudson Institute

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From the report: "In an era of strategic competition among technologically advanced powers, software will shape the nature of deterrence and define national security advantages. Software is now ubiquitous, with powerful implications for economic productivity, governance, cybersecurity, and the character of modern warfare. From the systems that power our weapons platforms and command and control (C2) networks to the tools that enable our intelligence analysts and logisticians, software is now integral to every aspect of national defense. As the United States finds itself engaged in a long-term strategic competition with the People’s Republic of China, America’s success hinges on the US military’s ability to rapidly adopt and adapt technology in response to evolving threats and opportunities. The Department of Defense (DoD) needs to harness the power of software to quickly assemble, effectively deploy, and continually update its military capabilities. If it fails to do so, America risks ceding the military advantage to its adversaries."

Authors - Lord, Ellen, Patt, Dan


Lord, Ellen, Patt, Dan


Hudson Institute


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