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DOD CIO Desk Reference, Volume I, Foundation Documents : Department of Defense , 2006


Department of Defense

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From the document: "Information Technology Management Reform Act, Condensed2 The Office Management and Budget (OMB) Director is responsible for improving the acquisition, use, and disposal of information technology (IT) to improve Federal programs. OMB is to develop process for analyzing, tracking, and evaluating the risks and results of all major IT investments by Federal agencies. OMB shall evaluate the Information Resources Management (IRM) practices of executive agencies with respect to the performance and results of IT investments; and implement reviews of executive agency activities through the budget process. To enforce accountability for IRM and IT investments, OMB may (1) influence IRM budgets, (2) use administrative controls to restrict agency funds, and (3) designate an executive agent to contract out for agencies’ IT management and acquisition."


Department of Defense


Department of Defense


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