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DOD Business Systems Modernization: Billions Continue to be Invested with Inadequate Management Oversight and Accountability : General Accounting Office (GAO) , May , 2004

May 2004

General Accounting Office (GAO)

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From the report: "DOD requested approximately $19 billion for fiscal year 2004 to operate, maintain, and modernize its reported 2,274 business systems. This stovepiped and duplicative systems environment evolved over time as DOD components—each with its own system funding—developed narrowly focused, parochial solutions to their business problems. As a result of this uncontrolled spending, DOD reported over 200 inventory systems and 450 personnel systems. DOD’s fundamentally flawed business systems affect mission effectiveness and can contribute to the fraud, waste, and abuse that GAO continues to identify. Further, the number of business systems is likely understated in part because DOD does not have a central systems repository or a standard business system definition."


General Accounting Office (GAO)


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