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DOD Business Systems Modernization: Limited Progress in Development of Business Enterprise Architecture and Oversight of Information Technology Investments : General Accounting Office (GAO) , May 17, , 2004

May 17, 2004

General Accounting Office (GAO)

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From the document: "The Department of Defense’s (DOD) long-standing business systems problems adversely affect the economy, effectiveness, and efficiency of its business operations and have resulted in a lack of adequate transparency and appropriate accountability across all of its major business areas. To help the department transform its operations, we recommended1 in 2001 that DOD develop an enterprise architecture to guide and constrain its almost $20 billion annual investment in business systems and that it establish the investment controls needed to implement this architecture. In July 2001, DOD initiated a program2 to, among other things, develop a DOD business enterprise architecture (architecture). This effort is an essential part of the Secretary of Defense’s broad initiative to “transform the way the department works and what it works on.”


General Accounting Office (GAO)


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