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Executive Analytics In DOD & A Review Of Private Sector Best Practices : Defense Business Board , 2022


Defense Business Board

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From the report: "On November 5, 2021, the Deputy Secretary of Defense requested the Defense Business Board (DBB), Business Transformation Advisory Subcommittee (“the Subcommittee”) submit an independent report examining how C-suite and business unit-head-level private industry leaders leverage enterprise-level data and analytics to inform decision-making and maximize the efficacy and effectiveness of their business operations. The Terms of Reference (ToR) provided by the Deputy Secretary of Defense directed the following tasks: ● Identify world class, private industry best practices to integrate metrics, benchmarks, and targets used to manage business operations to concretely identify areas for performance improvement, quantify risks and trade-offs, and validate the impact of strategic choices; ● Identify best practices and existing gaps in how private industry sets, reviews, and oversees its quantitative analytics priorities; ● Develop specific recommendations for managing enterprise business operations including presentation, periodicity, organizational level reviews, use cases, and approaches to apply these best practices to Deputy Secretary decisions and responsibilities; and ● Any related matters the Board determines relevant to this task."

Authors - Defense Business Board (DBB)


Defense Business Board (DBB)


Defense Business Board


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