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Linking the Corporate Information Management (CIM) Initiative to Strategy-to-Tasks : RAND Corporation , 1994


RAND Corporation

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From the report: "CIM aims to improve management of the DoD through the increasingly important element of information management, viewed top-down from the "corporate" level. CIM is motivated, in part, by recognition that, below the coperate level, operating units often "do their thing" in ways that do not necessarily maximize overall, DoD-wide effectiveness or efficiency. In many cases, proprietary or redundant databases and information systems exist that cannot be justified from a corporate-wide or broad national mission perspective. To improve defense management, CIM brings to bear (1) a planning process, (2) analytic representation techniques, and (3) disciplined evaluation. It also provides program funding."

Authors - Schwabe, William, Lewis, Leslie


Schwabe, William, Lewis, Leslie


RAND Corporation


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