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National Cybersecurity Strategy : Office of the President of the United States , March 1, , 2023

March 1, 2023

Office of the President of the United States

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From the document: "The Internet has transformed our world. In a single generation, it has revolutionized the way we innovate, communicate, and share information on a global scale, catalyzing unprecedented advancements in human prosperity, equality, and connectivity. Upon this Internet backbone we have built a flourishing digital ecosystem, combining systems and technologies with our economies, our societies, and ourselves. In doing so, the digital ecosystem has come to reflect the values of its architects and its users. Technologies have promoted democracy, free speech, innovation, and equality. But they also have been misused to enable transnational repression and digital authoritarianism; steal data and intellectual property; distribute disinformation; disrupt critical infrastructure; proliferate online harassment, exploitation, and abuse; enable criminals and foster violent extremism; and threaten peace and stability. People and technology are increasingly linked, further enabling the very best, as well as the worst, of humanity."


White House


Office of the President of the United States


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