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Silo Busting: The Challenges and Successes of Intergovernmental Data Sharing : IBM Center for The Business of Government , 2020


IBM Center for The Business of Government

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From the report: "The work of knitting together large government data systems so that they seamlessly connect and provide customer-friendly services to the public is difficult yet achievable and valuable. If this type of data sharing was easy, everyone would be doing it. Instead, there are only a handful of outstanding examples of success and a lot of barriers to achieving it. The state of data-driven government has advanced rapidly over the past decade, but it has not yet achieved its full potential. Single-agency successes are prevalent, with rapid acceleration of the use of data to solve problems within an agency. Peer-to-peer data sharing across units of government is increasing. This horizontal sharing among peers in one government (city, state, federal agency) is often orchestrated either by the agency itself or by a shared data or IT organization, often to solve a particular and clearly defined problem. This type of data sharing remains far more common than vertical sharing across layers of government, say from city to county and state or to federal. And yet, solutions to the most complex and vexing public problems require data sharing that spans boundaries of government agencies."

Authors - Wiseman, Jane


Wiseman, Jane


IBM Center for The Business of Government


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