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MITRE report offers recommendations to policymakers on addressing AI cyber risks to critical infrastructure

October 27, 2023

Jacob Livesay

Inside Cybersecurity

By Jacob Livesay, Inside Cybersecurity / October 27, 2023

A new report from MITRE digs into how to manage cyber risks related to using artificial intelligence capabilities in critical infrastructure and suggests a “prioritized risk-based approach” for securing AI-enabled systems through five core recommendations.

“As Congress debates how to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) and its associated subdisciplines, such as machine learning (ML), insights from the path to improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity can be leveraged to enhance the adoptability and efficacy of recommendations or regulations for cybersecurity of AI in critical infrastructure applications,” MITRE says in a report published on Wednesday.

The report says steps taken to secure AI should be similar to the process established in Obama-era Executive Order 13636 for improving cybersecurity risk management in critical infrastructure.

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