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Defense group urges National Security Council to conduct ‘cost-benefit’ analysis on space sector designation

September 20, 2023

Jacob Livesay

Inside Cybersecurity

By Jacob Livesay, Inside Cybersecurity / September 21, 2023

The Aerospace Industries Association is asking the National Security Council to conduct a “cost-benefit” analysis when considering whether to designate any specific space capabilities as critical infrastructure, and to consider “space” itself as a domain, rather than creating a new critical infrastructure sector.

“Many space-based capabilities and their enabling infrastructure are already considered within critical infrastructure sectors, such as the critical manufacturing, communications, defense industrial base, government infrastructure, and transportation systems sectors,” AIA president and CEO Eric Fanning said in a Monday letter to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

He says, “This overlap makes it difficult to perform or discuss specific costs and benefits of a change in designation.”

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