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The Army Doesn't Know Where a Lot of its Excess Arms and Gear Are

October 11, 2023

Marcus Weisgerber

Defense One

An employee moves medical equipment in a warehouse at a U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency site at Sierra Army Depot, California. U.S. ARMY / KATIE ELLIS-WARFIELD

By Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One / October 10, 2023

The U.S. Army has warehouses packed with weapons its soldiers no longer need. But the service doesn't know where they all are, nor what condition they’re in. 

Now, amid increased demand from U.S. allies and partners, Army leaders are pushing for an updated database of those stored weapons.

“Sometimes we don't really know where all of our excess equipment is,” Army Undersecretary Gabe Camarillo said Tuesday at the Association of the U.S. Army annual conference in Washington. “We have a lot of it, and it's accumulated over time.”

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