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Key US Fund for Ukraine about to be 'Exhausted'

December 19, 2023

John M. Donnelly


By John M. Donnelly, CQ / December 18, 2023

The Defense Department fund used for buying Ukraine new weapons and replacing U.S. arms sent to that country is about to be emptied, the Pentagon comptroller told Congress’ defense committees in a Friday letter.

The missive from Defense Department comptroller Mike McCord to the Armed Services committees and Defense Appropriations subcommittees highlights the perilous stakes for war-ravaged Ukraine of a congressional impasse over war funding. Congress has been unable to appropriate money to help Ukraine or Israel due to a dispute over U.S. immigration policies.

The Pentagon has $1.1 billion left in appropriations in the fund for buying new weapons, which is known as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. But officials plan to spend that money within 15 days to pay back the Defense Department to restore goods and services previously sent to Ukraine. These could include everything from weapons to training to logistics support.  

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