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With Tuberville's Holds on Military Promotions Reaching 450, Something Has to Give

November 9, 2023

Jamie McIntyre

Washington Examiner

By Jamie McIntyre, Washington Examiner / November 8, 2023

‘PATIENCE … IS WEARING THIN’: Amid signs Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) may be open to an off-ramp to end his monthslong blockade of military promotions, his fellow Republicans appear ready to force the issue as early as next week.

As the Pentagon argues the holds are hurting military readiness and punishing service members and their families, Tuberville remains in denial that his battle against the Defense Department’s abortion travel policy is causing any serious problem.

“I mean, people are still in the game, they might not be making a call somewhere they might after I give them promotion, but all jobs are filled,” Tuberville said yesterday. “I mean, you can't tell me that our military is not functioning the way it should function at a high readiness, especially [with] what's going on now.”

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