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Pentagon IG to examine how DoD discovered billions more for Ukraine after ‘evaluation errors’

September 6, 2023

Ashley Roque

Breaking Defense

Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller Mike McCord speaks during a press conference presenting the 2021 Department of Defense’s audit results. (DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Brittany A. Chase)


By Ashley Roque, Breaking Defense / September 6, 2023

The Pentagon’s inspector general plans to audit the military’s books to make sure everything was above board related to the department’s determination earlier this year that it had essentially discovered $6.2 billion due to “valuation errors” for weapons bound for Ukraine, according to a new IG letter.

“The objective of this audit is to determine the extent and impact of the March 2023 estimation change for valuing assets provided under Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA), determine whether DoD components followed the current policy when updating the value of items provided to Ukraine through PDA, and assess whether the current PDA valuation policy complies with federal laws and regulations,” the Pentagon’s IG office wrote in a letter dated Sept. 5 and addressed to the Pentagon’s comptroller, along with several of the services’ auditor general offices.

The office is giving the department and services five days to pick their point people to field questions.

“We may revise the objective as the audit proceeds, and we will also consider suggestions from management for additional or revised objectives,” the Pentagon IG added. “We plan to perform this audit in accordance with the Government Accountability Office’s generally accepted government auditing standards.”

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