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Telehealth could strengthen military’s mental health care, report says

November 16, 2023

Meghann Myers

Army Times

A 2022 ad campaign promoted telehealth within the Military Health System. (Savannah Blackstock/Defense Health Agency)


By Meghann Myers, Army Times / November 16, 2023

The military has struggled to provide adequate access to mental health care for years. And even as it has worked to reduce the stigma and consequences of seeking help, provider shortages have created appointment logjams and long wait times — if an appointment is even available at all.

In a report released Thursday by the RAND Corp., researchers make the case for expanding access through virtual visits, but caution that the Pentagon will have to get the implementation right if they want to make telehealth as effective as in-person care.

Expanding access to telehealth could have practical benefits for service members and their dependents, the report suggests, particularly because this demographic moves around so much.

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