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Full-Year CR Would Hurt Joint Exercises, Industry, and Innovation, Defense Leaders Say

February 29, 2024

Patrick Turner

Defense One

Two U.S. Army soldiers assist Indonesian service members during Exercise Super Garuda Shield in Indonesia, September 1, 2023. U.S. ARMY / SGT. 1ST CLASS AUSTIN BERNER

By Patrick Turner, Defense One / February 28, 2024

Despite a measure reportedly agreed to Wednesday to temporarily fund the Department Defense at previous levels until March 22, Congress has still not passed a budget for fiscal year 2024—which began in October. That makes a full year continuing resolution more likely, which defense officials say would have terrible consequences. 

Navy Undersecretary Erik Raven said the the Navy does have a plan for how to prioritize readiness if Congress and the President can only agree on a full-year CR. But the department would lose $12 billion in buying power, which would cause domino effects throughout its budget. 

“We would need to move about $26 billion around in our budget. In order to do that, we would need reprogramming authority and about $13 billion. That's about twice what the entire department requests for the entire fiscal year. That's just for the Department of the Navy needs,” he told reporters Wednesday. “Even if we got that reprogramming authority, the process of getting reprogramming through Congress is a lengthy and sometimes challenging one. So our ability to make decisions in real time will be extremely challenged.”

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