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NDIA’s Norquist explains the harm of a continuing resolution

November 14, 2023

Stephen Losey

Defense News

David Norquist, president and CEO of the National Defense Industrial Association, addresses attendees of a Defense Logistics Agency conference in Richmond, Va., in May 2023. (Chris Lynch/U.S. Defense Logistics Agency)


By Stephen Losey, Defense News / November 14, 2023

WASHINGTON — During his 30 years as a financial and national security expert in the public and private sector, David Norquist has seen the U.S. government’s budget process devolve from a fairly reliable funding method to a nearly perennial source of dysfunction.

In all but one of the last 15 budget cycles, the Pentagon was forced to rely on continuing resolutions — a stopgap measure that funds agencies at the same level as the previous year — for varying amounts of time.

Earlier this year, Congress passed a short-term spending bill set to expire Nov. 17. And if January rolls around without the government’s overdue spending bill for fiscal 2024 in place, a full-year continuing resolution — with a 1% cut to all federal agencies, including the Defense Department — will kick in.

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