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Divided House Narrowly Passes Defense Appropriations Measure

September 29, 2023

John M. Donnelly


John M. Donnelly, CQ / Septemer 28, 2023

The House completed a tortuous journey Thursday night by narrowly passing along party lines the fiscal 2024 Defense appropriations bill, a measure that usually garners bipartisan backing.

The House voted 218-210 to pass the $826.1 billion package (HR 4365) of military and intelligence money after having fallen short three times earlier to even start floor debate on the measure — and as the specter of a government shutdown loomed.

Despite the House vote, Congress still has more work to do on the fiscal 2024 Defense spending bill. The Senate has yet to bring to the floor its own version (S 2587), so the timeline for enactment of a final measure for the year that starts Oct. 1 is not yet clear. 

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