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Industry Perspective: Democratize Data for Decision Dominance

October 13, 2023

Egon Rinderer

National Defense Magazine

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By Egon Rinderer, National Defense Magazine / October 13, 2023

Many government organizations are still grappling with how to best access and manage data, ensure its integrity and share it with stakeholders to ensure smarter, faster decisions.

Within the Defense Department, an effective approach to data access and management can enable what is commonly referred to as “decision advantage” or “decision dominance” — the capability to make better decisions faster, enhanced by technology and convergence.

It’s important to understand that data generated by the department isn’t limited to traditional information technology systems, which produce data for things like operations, records management and budgeting. There’s also operational technology data that’s generated by physical systems such as defense and weapon systems and military fleets.

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