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Army Locked In on Transformation, Modernization

October 2, 2023

Michael Bayer

National Defense Magazine

Photo: U.S. Army


By Michael Bayer, National Defense Magazine / October 2, 2023

For the last two decades, the Army was at the tip of the spear defending the homeland, protecting citizens and supporting allies and partners fighting terrorist organizations, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. The valor and sacrifices of those deployed soldiers was extraordinary, and we are forever thankful.

As U.S. strategies reorient the Defense Department and military services to a return of great power competition, the Army is shifting the service’s primary focus from fighting formations at the tactical level back to the capabilities and capacities required to fight at the echelons of Army corps and divisions. This shift to large scale combat operations will require both modern maneuver capabilities and a secure and resilient network to transmit critical data in complex and evolving operational environments.

The Army’s civilian and military leadership is therefore laser-focused on Army 2030, the multi-year strategy directing the service’s significant reorganization and technical innovation for all operational domains, including space and cyberspace.

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