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Billions in Ukraine defense spending has been slow to translate into U.S. jobs

October 28, 2023

Shannon Pettypiece

NBC News

A Ukrainian soldier with a Stinger missile near Kyiv, Ukraine, in May. Nicole Tung / The New York Times via Redux


Shannon Pettypiece, NBC News / October 28, 2023

WASHINGTON —  Billions of dollars being spent by the federal government to arm Ukraine and replenish U.S. military stockpiles have been slow to translate into a significant number of new jobs in the U.S. as defense manufacturers grapple with logistical challenges in ramping up production. 

Weapons manufacturers and Defense Department officials declined to say how many workers have been hired to help meet the increased demand, but comments by company executives and corporate filings indicate that the number of jobs has been relatively small compared to the overall size of the industry despite the flood of federal dollars.

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