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Transition Programs Not Working, Too Focused on Education, Report Says

June 13, 2024

Jonathan Lehrfeld

Military Times

An airman writes names in a booklet during a Transition Assistance Program class at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, Dec. 14, 2023. (Senior Airman Rachel Coates/Air Force)

By Jonathan Lehrfeld, Military Times / June 12, 2024

Most transition programs for troops exiting service are overly focused on education instead of direct job opportunities, and there is limited evidence such federally funded initiatives are working, according to a report published Tuesday by the Rand Corp.

Fairly few programs and a small amount of funding are dedicated to help transitioning service members, veterans and their families utilize their military skills as they enter the civilian labor market, the nonprofit’s report found. Instead, the vast majority of federal funding for transition programs supports classroom time, which, though valuable, should not be prioritized over immediate paths to career advancement, the authors of the report contend.

“Although further education is important for many veterans, most veterans enter the civilian workforce directly and might benefit from more employment-focused support,” the report noted.

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