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Exploring Differences in Organizational Cultures Within the Department of Defense : RAND Corporation , March , 2023

March 2023

RAND Corporation

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From the document: "As the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) turns to deal with the pacing threat posed by China, its leadership recognizes that it can no longer rely on its technological advantage to ensure victory. Instead, DoD leaders recognize that they must change the culture of the department to become more innovative and adaptive to overcome new threats. In this report, we analyze the organizational culture of communities within DoD to understand how the current culture can be characterized and how DoD’s culture varies within the department. Building on this research could help DoD’s leaders achieve their desired cultural change. The research reported here was completed in March 2023 and underwent security review with the sponsor and the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review before public release."

Authors - Ryseff, James, Welch, Jonathan, Schneider, Lewis


Ryseff, James, Welch, Jonathan, Schneider, Lewis


RAND Corporation


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